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Brace-Face: 4 Parental Pointers to Help Care for Your Child’s Braces

When your child begins to wear braces to straighten their teeth, there are ways to help them protect the brackets and wires from damage. It is important to share a pediatric orthodontist’s guidelines with your child so that they will understand how to avoid broken wires and dislocated brackets. Here are four ways to protect your child’s braces from damage.

The Right Food

Right after your child gets braces, they may experience discomfort while eating. It is important for an orthodontic patient to consume softer food such as applesauce, soup or mashed potatoes. When your child’s pain begins to subside, you can add harder food such as small pieces of cooked meat and vegetables. However, there are food that your child should never eat while wearing braces, including:

• Popcorn
• Hard candy
• Pretzels
• Hard taco shells
• Raw celery

Any food that is hard is off-limits until your child has his braces removed in a few years.

Have the Right Equipment

Make sure to have the right type of dental care equipment available so that your child can brush and floss their teeth. With practice, your child can learn how to floss their teeth to remove additional food debris easily. In addition, be sure to buy mouth rinses to eliminate bacteria from your child’s mouth. You may want to buy an oral irrigator device that emits pressurized water to help with this process.

Customized Mouth Guard

If your child plays sports, then they will need to have a mouth guard. You can find generic mouth guards at local drugstores, but it is better to wear a customized device that fits correctly. When children grow rapidly, they also need to have their mouth guards replaced frequently. Be sure to keep up on this, as not wearing a guard or wearing one that is too small can lead to damage to the apparatus or even their lips and gums.

In Case of Emergency

Keep a supply of dental wax available for your child to apply to their braces if they are rubbing against the inside of their mouth and causing pain. Occasionally, a wire in your child’s braces might break, and if you can’t take them to the pediatric orthodontist immediately, then you must know what to do. If you have tweezers, then you can bend the wire carefully so that it isn’t poking or rubbing on your child’s sensitive gums or palate. Don’t clip the wire, as that will result in a sharp end that will continue to cause irritation.

It is important to take your child to their appointments with an orthodontist regularly. It’s best to work with someone like Pedodontic Associates Inc or a similar orthodontist with a pediatric focus, as they will have special training for dealing with children. Whoever you choose to work with, remember to follow their instructions and reach out to them if you run into an issue that you’re not sure how to handle.


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