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I got a JOB!

Hello dear blog,

I am just dropping by to tell you about a good news. Yes, I have a job now. I am back to the workforce. hehe. Okay, I am guilty of leaving the freelance journey, but what can I do? I’ve been out of freelance projects and I have two kids to support. (drama)

Anyway, so about my new job. I just got hired last month and I am now working as an online English tutor. It’s commonly called as ESL (English as Second Language) Teacher, but I am not sure if I like being called a teacher. So I prefer tutor. But that’s not important. 

The exciting part here is, our clients (I mean: students) are Japanese. Oh yes! I finally get to speak with Japanese people. As you may (or may not) know, I was trying to learn the Japanese language for a while. I did a self-study through a free online language site. It was just a short time, maybe around 3 months. I learned only few basic words and phrases, you know, reading on the computer is different when actually talking to people. So I always wish that someday I’ll have the chance to meet Japanese people. And now, I do. However, since I teach them English, it is of course advisable to use English ONLY. But still, there are times that I speak a few Japanese phrases and I ask my students to respond in English. Nice, right? 

Alright, not much of a big deal. So that’s all. See you on my next post. Sayonara! 😉

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