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Why I LOVE Nestle NIDO’s New Controversial Ad Showing Separated Parents

Have you seen the latest Nestle NIDO commercial?

As I was browsing online, I came across a sponsored ad from Nestle’s NIDO Protectus 3+ page which really hits close to home. I thought it’s worth sharing here because I think it’s really bold, refreshing, relatable, and kinda controversial.

When I say controversial, I mean it has received a handful of negative reactions online.


Because NIDO’s new ad showed a glimpse of a non-traditional family, like many families out there, in a co-parenting setup. Yes, it portrayed a family with separated parents – far from the typical family composition that we see all the time.

This one is completely different, yet realistic enough. AND I LOVE IT!

Why I LOVE this Nestle NIDO Commercial

I love it not only because I can relate to the situation (and my kids personally love Nido milk!), but because FINALLY(!), there’s a family-advocate brand that openly acknowledged the reality of having a different family arrangement.

I think it’s really brave for a NIDO commercial to produce something powerful like this. Because in our “conservative” society where single-parent families are still put to so much judgment, pressure, and shame, it’s hard to discuss these things openly. With many close-minded people trolling around, topics like this make tough family situations even tougher, thus they remain taboo.

That’s the sad truth why this new NIDO commercial wasn’t accepted well by many. Though it received some praises too.

Those who are against it claim that NIDO’s ad encourages divorce and it was a bad idea to show a separated family.

I don’t think so. It simply shows how another family setup is like. And if you see something so wrong with this, I guess it only means you have to look deeper beyond what you see.

More than what we like to admit, this is REALITY that we all need to embrace.

Nestle NIDO New Commercial 2017

As a single mom who has to deal with co-parenting, I somehow feel relieved to know I am not alone. To be honest, being civil with your ex-partner for the sake of your child isn’t always easy. Same with all parents, it’s hard to raise kids. And it’s harder as a single parent trying to work things out with the other parent.


But do you know what’s even harder than that?

It’s sooo damn hard to raise kids to be confident about themselves and about their single-family situation when the society they live in still couldn’t accept the reality that the world is composed of different family structures.

I can only assume that those who reacted negatively are not single parents themselves or maybe didn’t completely understand the message or they just simply want to ignore the reality of this and chose not to accept the truth.

It’s unfair how other people still have this mindset about separated parents as individuals who are immature, full of pride, and neglectful of their children. I hate how some people condemn parents who separate like they know too well the family’s story, of what’s going on. Worse, some are just plain rude and insensitive to call out these families as broken and dysfunctional.

I wish I can scream STFU!!

I wonder.. hasn’t it occurred (even once) to these people how these parents, even if separated, still managed to prioritize and look after the child and put behind any personal issues they have? I wish people would appreciate that instead of just throwing nasty comments around.

I hope one day, these negative people would find enlightenment about this issue. And that someday soon, they would learn what my children understand: that every family comes in different shapes and sizes – that families can have a mom & dad living together or separately, that some only have a mom OR a dad, while others have two moms or two dads, or a few families just have grandma and/or grandpa, or some even live with their uncles and/or aunts only.

What’s really important is that these kids are raised in happy homes and nourished with confidence, love, and acceptance.

What do you think? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

To the team behind this new NIDO commercial 2017 – you did an awesome job for stepping up to show your support and acceptance on this matter! Thank you! 🙂


Do you think it’s high time for people to be more accepting of this issue? Share it with your friends who might find this encouraging.

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  • Reply Guia

    When “they lived happily ever after” is not realized and the kid is caught in a tug of war…but this story – driven advertisement…
    Such is a subtle move to present a sensitive family issue and its corrosive effects on children … making a message implicit but familiar to those children of disintegrating family life…a broken family with a heart.

    July 19, 2017 at 9:20 pm
    • Reply Rose Angelie

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Guia. 🙂

      July 20, 2017 at 2:21 am
  • Reply mommyjackie

    This is one of the great ways to actually show people the REALITY of some families/kids/parents. You go girl! Good write-up.

    July 24, 2017 at 5:34 pm
    • Reply Rose Angelie

      True! It’s also one way to explain to children how other family arrangements are like. Thank you, mommy Jackie! 🙂

      July 25, 2017 at 9:35 am
  • Reply G

    I love and respect your thoughts on this. But if I’m being honest, generally, I still don’t like the ad. Let’s face it, not everyone is as open minded and as understanding as you or as me or as the people who get the meaning of the commercial. If you look at it without delving deeper into it’s meaning, you’ll just simply think this is the norm nowadays. The kid who’s begging for the mom to come looks so sad and he simply isn’t aware of the situation. The effects to kids at that age is just devastating. I don’t know, but I’m not so sure how I feel about I am more affected on how it will actually impact others—other than myself. I get it but I don’

    July 26, 2017 at 5:30 pm
    • Reply Rose Angelie

      Hi G! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I appreciate your honesty and open-mindedness on this sensitive topic. Believe me, I completely understand you and how you feel about the ad, especially towards how it would affect others. As you said, not everyone is as open-minded as other people – but for that exact same reason, I think the society needs to see more of these types of ads to bring more awareness, recognition, and (hopefully soon) acceptance on these family arrangements. If we continue to shut these things down, I guess it will remain controversial and people will be clueless on how to deal with this in reality. In the long run, more people, especially children, will be affected in a painful way.

      But really, I appreciate your sincere concern towards how others would perceive this. There is still hope. Hehe Thanks for the visit! 🙂

      July 27, 2017 at 2:12 pm

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