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2nd Japan Education Fair and Convention: Study, Work, and Live in Japan

Last September 13, 2015, the 2nd Japan Education Fair and Convention Cebu was held at Ayala Center Cebu. Hosted by Jellyfish Education Consultancy (JEC) Philippines, Inc., in cooperation with Japan Foundation,  the whole day event aimed to promote Japan as an education tourism destination for global competitiveness. 

About Jellyfish Education Consultancy Philippines

“JEC Philippines is the arm of the multinational Japanese company, Jellyfish Inc. which started operations in 2007.

Our goal is to promote the opportunity in Japan for all Filipinos and to educate the people the importance of learning Nihongo not only for use in Japan but to improve their competitive advantage in a global level.” -Read more at JEC Philippines website

2nd Japan Education Fair and Convention Cebu

Japanese universities, language schools and vocational institutes participated in the fair and a huge number of attendees, mostly college students, filled the activity area.

The event also showcased Japan’s culture, through presentations including how to wear a kimono, Karate and Kendo, J-pop, Cosplay, Fashion Show, and a quick basic Nihongo workshop.

My Personal Interest

Since I worked as an online English Tutor to Japanese students in 2013, I learned about Japan’s wonderful culture and great people and became so interested to visit the Land of the Rising Sun. It has become the top country on my travel bucket list. I’d really love to visit their shrines and temples, meet and talk to the locals, see Cherry Blossoms, experience their culture, ride the bullet trains, spend winter, explore its beauty, and of course, speak their language. Konnichiwa! 🙂
And if I had to work overseas, Japan is also the first country I’m considering. Next is Canada, then USA. 🙂

Study, Work, Live in Japan

So how do we get to study, work, and live in Japan?

From what I learned at the event, the first and the most important requirement is JAPANESE LANGUAGE SKILLS, both for speaking and writing.

That is why the event was centered on Japanese language education since its the primary qualification for working in Japan. So for those interested, they have to learn the language first by studying Japanese at the participating schools and institutes in Japan.

But how about studying Japanese through our local agencies?

Yes, that is possible. However, studying in Japan gives a bigger advantage since the universities could assist the students with direct employment, for part-tme and eventually, full-time work.

According to Mr. Tomonobu Tanaka, representative from Human Academy School Japan, international students could start working part-time for a couple of hours a week while studying. In short, they can already earn and enjoy living in Japan while they’re still learning the language.

JAPANFAIRTomonobu Tanaka-san from Human Academy School Japan – talk on Japanese Educational System and Benefit to the Foreign students. Photo grabbed from Japan Education Fair Events Page. Can you spot me from the audience? Haha 🙂

According to a Japanese university delegate I talked to, by the time the students pass the language level assessment, they can then apply for full-time jobs that are in line with their industry.

In contrast with recruitment-based application, from what I know, most agency-hired employment will require Japanese language level (for industry professionals), before they approve your application for initial interview. And that makes studying in Japan a better option.

To learn more about studying, working, and living in Japan, visit  Jellyfish Education Consultancy Facebook page and JEC Philippines website.

Sayonara! 🙂


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