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3 Tips to Easily Keep your Home Clean and Organized

Keeping a clean and organized home can sometimes be difficult, especially in a house with young kids. As a mom of two, I can even hardly maintain our small apartment in order. I just don’t understand how small children make big messes – books and toys scattered on the floor, dirty dishes in the sink, a basket full of dirty clothes, used wet towels left hanging by the closet, etc.. I mean, how do you explain all that clutter when I just arranged the place a minute ago?

Tell me, how can those small hands bring in so much stuff from the bedroom into the living room so quickly? Is there some kind of sorcery or black magic going on in my house that I didn’t know?

Hey, please give this momma a break! 

So how do we fix this seemingly never-ending home chaos?

To be honest, I am not the expert to tell you how. But here’s a few things that I know will work.

3 Tips to Quickly Keep your Home Clean and Organized

  1. Invest in quality storage cabinets

    Get organized by storing your stuff in a good quality cabinet, closet or drawer that is built to last. Even if you won’t have time to clean and arrange every piece of book, toy, kitchenware, or clothes, you can still avoid the clutter by simply keeping your things neatly tucked inside a storage cabinet.

  2. Choose appliances that offer added SMART features

    Let’s take Washing Machines as an example. While its sole purpose is to wash your clothes, wouldn’t it be better if it has added features like soak/wash/rinse timer and auto dry-spin to save you time and effort?

    Same with refrigerators, an auto defrost feature will not only give you ease of cleaning but will also help cut down your bill without you having to manually adjust it every time. With these added smart features, you can definitely save time and effort in cleaning and organizing.

  3. Take advantage of multi-purpose furniture

    Multi-purpose furniture gives you the opportunity to maximize space which is perfect for small spaces. A perfect example of this is a convertible sofa bed. It can be a huge bed or a small sofa, you can also fold and stack it in the corner if you need more room for activities.

    Another example is a multi-purpose shelf which you can use to display your books, toys, and other collections, while at the same time use it as a divider to separate your living room from your dining/kitchen area. You can also use it to create a play corner for your children or a workspace for you.

Where to buy your next Home Organizing Essentials?

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I hope these quick tips will help keep your homes clean, organized, and in order. Well, at least for a minute. 😉

Over to you – how do you keep your homes clean and organized easily? Share your tips in the comments below! LIKE Mommy Wanders on Facebook! 🙂

*This is a sponsored post, but all thoughts & opinions are my own. (But all the mess and clutter at home is clearly my kids’ own. LOL)

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