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5 Healthy Benefits of Playing Jigsaw Puzzles

5 Healthy Benefits of Playing Jigsaw Puzzles

My children love solving jigsaw puzzles online. Last night, I introduced them to JS Puzzles – a free Jigsaw Puzzles website which is fun and safe for all ages.

When I showed them the different puzzle galleries for animals, transportation, interesting places, Pixar movies, and Disney Princesses jigsaw puzzles, they immediately wanted to try!

Can you guess what was my 6-year old girl’s first reaction when I told her there were Rapunzel and Moana jigsaw puzzles  too?

“YES!! HOW CAN I DOWNLOAD IT? :)” *with sooo much excitement*

My goodness! #KidsTheseDays are so tech-savvy, huh? Unfortunately, JS Puzzles website doesn’t have an app version yet.

Anyway, so I let them play around some puzzles and was surprised how they got consumed for hours! Quietly and seriously trying to solve each piece.

Aside from the fact how puzzles present challenges in a fun way, here’s a list of healthy benefits of playing Jigsaw Puzzles.

5 Healthy Benefits of Playing Jigsaw Puzzles

Improves Concentration and Memory

Playing Jigsaw Puzzles requires concentration. One cannot simply solve a piece without really focusing on the game. I noticed that my kids become more attentive and have better concentration & memory each time they play.

Develops Creativity

Arranging puzzles is a fun way to boost a child’s imagination and creativity. By letting children solve and fit each piece, they can visualize the outcome of the picture of the puzzle in their minds.

Enhances Logical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills

As each child learns to solve different puzzles on his own, you will notice that he naturally learns to think of solutions and develop different strategies and test them to see if it works. Somehow, it’s a good game for trial-and-error.

Good Hand-Eye Coordination

As they arrange pieces of the jigsaw puzzle, they start to develop a keen relationship between what their eyes see and what their hands do.

Builds Self Confidence and Better Social Interaction

As with my kids, it seems like these jigsaw puzzles bring some magical spell that encourages them to play together to solve different puzzles and discuss where a piece should go and why. They were also more patient in taking turns and even shared the joy of completing a puzzle. It’s amazing to see how proud and confident they are whenever they finish a complicated jigsaw puzzle in a pretty short time.

I highly encourage every parent to let their children play Jigsaw Puzzles. It may be challenging to some, especially with first-time players, but with proper guidance, I’m sure it’s gonna bring a lot of fun! 🙂

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