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9 Date Night Ideas for Couples with Young Kids

Couple’s Date Night – A Memory of the Past

For most couples with young kids, a date night is just a remnant of a distant past when life didn’t revolve around little minions yet and things were a bit more manageable. If you have little kiddos constantly tagging around, I’m pretty sure that a “Couple’s Date Night” is no longer part of your vocabulary.

It’s been a while since my partner and I had some “quality alone time”. It’s not that we don’t spend time together – in fact, we do, A LOT! But that same time together is spent with the whole family – that includes little kids interrupting every two minutes! HAHA!

So technically, yes, we haven’t had an “exclusive couple’s date night” away from the kids.

Well, that’s not really surprising for a family with a new baby and two big kids who both go to school. I mean, how and where in the world are we going to fit in “date night” in our crazy day-to-day schedule?

On the other hand, I don’t think it’s really impossible if we only make it a priority, right?

So, to resolve this lack of “alone time as a couple”, my partner and I came up with a list of Date Night Ideas for Couples. It’s a mix of romantic, simple, and cheap (FREE) things that we would love to do. A few of them we are already doing (or already did), and some we’re planning to do soon (it’s marked on our calendars! Yaaayyyy!).

Quick Tips Before Going On a Date Night

Before we dive into the list, here are my quick tips to get away from the kids (for date nights outside your home):

  • Arrange it ahead of time – make sure it works on your family’s schedule.
  • Make a clear plan – ditch the idea of “spontaneous date nights” because it no longer works when you have kids. (At least not, most of the time)
  • Set the right expectations with the kids – make it clear to them that you guys are going out for an “adult-only” event. 😉
  • Arrange a sitter – If you don’t have one, call your parents. No one beats grandma & grandpa for spoiling, right?

9 Date Night Ideas for Couples with Young Kids

1. Drive to the mountains

We recently acquired a motorcycle and we can’t be more excited thinking about where we’d be wandering soon!

If you have your own service (or even if you don’t – Grab is your easy companion!), driving to the mountains is a great date night for couples. For me, enjoying the breath-taking view of the city’s skyline is one of the most romantic things I’d love to do over and over again!

Mountain View - Cebu City Skyline Romantic Date Night Idea for Couple

2. Stay at the beach

If driving to the mountains isn’t ideal at the moment, the next most romantic date night (for me) is staying overnight at the beach. Now, this doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. If you have the time & budget to book a luxurious resort and you prefer to be far away from the City, that’s great!

But if not, that’s not a problem. I’m sure there’s at least one nice and affordable (and even public) beach that’s not too far from your place. After all, what’s important is the intimate time you guys spend together. So just grab some food and pack your swimwear and you’re all set!

3. Hotel Staycation

This is similar to the beach night, but instead, you’ll be staying in a cozy hotel. If you prefer to go swimming, make sure to check the availability of a swimming pool facility when booking a hotel. 🙂

4. Overnight camping

This is ideal either at the mountains or at the beach – your choice! Just make sure you bring the right essentials and wear the appropriate clothes. 🙂

5. Disconnect to reconnect!

One of the things I like about our relationship is how both of us could easily turn off all our social media so we could have a normal conversation like normal human beings do. (LOL!) We know how easy it is to get hooked on the digital world.

For a cheap date night at home, simply turn off all your gadgets to cut off the “social” distraction and have an intimate talk. For us, this gives me and my partner the chance to discuss our future goals and plans as an individual and as a couple.

To make the conversation better, always include food! You may prepare some light food, order a box of pizza, grab a glass of beer, or you can even a have a cup of coffee.

6. Take a walk

This is the simplest and cheapest thing to do on the list. My partner and I make it a point to go for a walk when someone can watch the kids. I think many of our best conversations happen when we go for a walk.

You can do this at a nearby park, (or literally anywhere) and it will do wonders for your relationship!

7. Drive down memory lane

Every once in a while, we would take a trip down memory lane to reminisce the past. We would drive to places that hold special memories of us as a couple – where we took our first dinner date, visit our first movie house to rewatch our favorite movies!

You can do this however you want and it will surely bring those “kilig” moments back!

8. Movie Night – #NetflixandChill

When all else fails, simply put the kids to sleep, and open Netflix. Play a nice movie and just cuddle together. Quick tip: Always have a list full of movies you’d want to watch together. I swear this will save you a ton time! You don’t want to spend hours googling “good movies to watch for couples”, right?

9. Attend Live Concerts

I love pop & punk rock music, while my partner is an old soul who loves Classic Love Songs. While we have different musical interests, we both have greatly influenced each other. He now likes playing my favorites while I really enjoy listening to his playlists.

So for a Romantic Date Night – watching a live concert is on top of our list to do soon – in fact, it’ll be NEXT WEEK, ALREADY! (Omg! Omg! Omg!! #Fangirling)

If you guys are like us – there is no doubt that this is going to be the most romantic & memorable date night you’ll ever have! I’m talking about An Evening With Brian McKnight! 🙂 You read it right!

An Evening With Brian McKnight | Mommy Wanders - Cebu Mommy Lifestyle Blogger PhilippinesQuick details for An Evening With Brian McKnight – December 2018

Manila Leg:
Date: December 4, 2018 | Time: 8PM
Venue: The Theatre at Solaire
Cebu Leg:
Date: December 5, 2018 | Time: 7PM
Venue: Pacific Grand Ballroom, Waterfront Cebu
For Tickets:
Buy online at TicketWorld or call 891-9999
Buy through Solaire Ticket Booth or Waterfront Ticket Booth
So if you’ve got nothing going on this week, I highly recommend you grab your tickets and join this special night with the one and only Brian McKnight! It’s your time to relax and be serenaded. You guys deserve some treat for taking great care of your family! 🙂

We hope this list will inspire fellow parents with young kids to take a break from the demanding parental roles, and just enjoy your couple’s time alone together.

Happy dating!

Over to you

What are your favorite date night activities to do away from the kids? What’s the one thing on the list above that you’d plan to do soon? Share them all in the comments below. 🙂

Please don’t forget to share this post with your couple friends! (And moms, tag your hubby too to give them an idea!)

This is a sponsored post but all thoughts, opinions, and “kilig” ideas are my own.

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