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Enjoy Life Like The World Is A Huge Playground


One of the things I love most about kids is how they playfully live their lives.  I bet my kids haven’t even met the word “life” but they are living the kind of life I’d call “a real living”. Life is pretty difficult to fully comprehend and the deeper I try to understand it, the more complex my thoughts become. And that’s what makes adult life complicated and interesting at the same time.

I love how kids have a totally different life perspective. Kids don’t have the real sense of life yet but they are living it like the way it’s supposed to be. “The real life” which is meant to be fun and be filled with happy moments and lasting memories. Though many of us think that kids are merely living life in a simple sleeping-eating-playing-crying cycle, I learned that there’s actually more to that which is really an inspiring realization. I know I’d sound stupid if I said that we must live adult life like how kids do. Of course that’d be ridiculous! But I want to share why I think kids are the best models in living “the real life”. Honestly, I never thought my kids would teach me these valuable life lessons. 🙂

Upside down

1. Kids see their world as a mere playground. All they do is enjoy, do something fun, be creative, learn & discover things, and explore new ones. Kids are so adventurous in their world. They don’t seem to limit their actions and imagination. They easily get happy simply because they do what they like, they go for what they want, and they stay close to the people they love. If you want to experience genuine happiness, then like kids, just follow your heart and go for what you truly desire. Do the things that makes you happy and be with the people that truly matters.


2. In kids’ world, kindness is top priority. Among all things every kid learns, being kind is taught the earliest. Kids can really be difficult to handle at times, but deep inside, they are naturally kind and sweet little people. Though many times kids express so loudly and be very demanding, their words are almost always spoken softly, uttered sweetly, and said with all honesty. In their world, there is so much room for forgiveness and patience. They remember to say sorry and easily accept apologies while quickly forgetting mistakes. They may be sad and disappointed, but I’m sure they never hold grudges. I guess adults have to learn more when it comes to speaking and acting with true kindness.


3. For kids, toys are just things and money is just paper. Kids may not realize the real value of money yet but they surely have an idea that it’s a special kind of paper used to exchange for some delight – toys, food, accessories, etc. Kids may understand that toys are fun and money is good, but they don’t really put high value on these because they cherish more the other non-material things like family, relationships, & time. The sad thing with adults though, is that we tend to consider the opposite. People are taken for granted while material things have gone up on top of our list. In adults world, money is used as a measurement for success and happiness.. like the more money one has is equal to more happiness one gets; or the bigger one’s income is, the more successful he/she appears.; or the greater a person’s possessions are, they higher he/she is among her fellow. Of course that’s not absolutely true, but society has forced us to think that way. Yes, money is necessary and we all need it for living. It’s good that we work hard because we aspire for a convenient and comfortable lifestyle, but we should always remember to set our priorities in real order. Just like kids, we should treat our toys just things and money just paper- simply materials and not the “real significant things”.


4. With kids, learning is fun. I can’t stress enough how education should be recognized with utmost importance. When I talk about education, I am not entirely referring only to formal education by academic learning. I mean, education in any and all forms of learning. At their tender ages, kids appreciate and love to be educated. They are young explorers of their own worlds and I am amused at how they are fascinated by new discoveries. Though they can be a little annoying when they ask hundreds of “WHYs” every single day, I just love their curiosity. They never get tired of learning because they mostly do it at their own pace with their own interests. But that may be only for now. Once they grow a little older, kids become like adults who may start to feel being forced to study subjects which may appear uninteresting to them. To adults, we should stop equating learning to boredom and start acknowledging the fun in acquiring new knowledge.


5. Kids love to climb up and be on top. Kids have unbelievable energy that they could play and run and climb and sing and dance and do anything and everything all day if only they’re allowed to do so. It’s another great thing with kids how they use their amazing energy to excel and grow. They love taking challenges and they never set boundaries. When there’s a particular thing they are after, even if it’s far from their reach, they always do their best to go up and succeed for their wants. Literally, kids take pleasure in climbing up and feel proud being on top to finally grab that special thing. Climbing up and being on top is both difficult and rewarding for kids. Adults should learn that there are no easy ways to be on top. We always have to take the challenge to climb up so we can grab our own rewards. We should not be fearful of heights but instead we should keep an eye on our goals.


6. Kids partake in a fair game and a healthy competition. We can’t talk about kids without ever mentioning play. Play is the life of their lives which is vital for their growth. Though they may have to compete at times, it’s always a healthy and fun competition for them. They don’t play games to beat the other, but rather to build harmony and help develop each other to be more competent. Adults should learn that this world is full of challenging games, thus we should learn to have fun in playing fairly, to be a good sport, and to help grow each other’s capabilities instead of looking down at the weak and acting like we’re all competing in our different fields.  Games may be tough that kids seldom fight but at the end of the day, they know they still have each other- which should be the same with adults. But I just don’t understand why it’s uneasy for adults to be like that.


 7. Kids take responsibility. Naturally, kids (and adults) make a lot of mistakes. It’s the only way to learn and grow. Being wrong is one thing, while taking responsibility for the wrong doings is another. I have observed that it’s pretty easy for adults to point out the kids’ mistakes. And it’s enlightening to see how kids easily own up and take charge of their wrong actions. However, adults tend to be in denial and are quick to blame other people, things, or circumstances. Kids may try to reason out, but it’s because they adapt how adults love giving excuses and explanation to everything. Why is it so easy for kids to accept their faults yet so hard for adults to admit we’re wrong? Wouldn’t it be easier if we learn to recognize the wrong and move on to do better?

Now how cool would it be if kids run the world? Though I am fully aware that adults’ world is a lot more complicated compared to kid’s simple living, I just can’t help but think, wouldn’t it be a better place to stay if we live in kids’ world?

Kids may be young and innocent and know nothing but eat-sleep-play-cry, but they truly helped me reflect how I lived my own adult life. I know and acknowledge that there are flaws to my realizations, that we can’t really compare kids & adults worlds since they aren’t basically the same, but looking on the bright side of it, I’ve come to understand more that life is really good, my friends, so let’s start living the real life. Just like my kids, let’s enjoy life like the world is our huge playground. 😉

Over to you, do you realize how amazing kids teach adults about life? What are your thoughts? 🙂


Mommy Rose

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    Thank you for sharing, Rea! ☺ Nice, I love the lyrics though I'm not familiar with the song. Hehe And oh, Reiko's cool! Haha My kids used to not care about money either, but things seemed to have changed now, especially my son. He gets pretty alert when people bribe him. Geeez haha

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    When I feel like the world has turned its back on me, I always think of the Tagalog song "masdan mo ang mga bata, ang sagot ay iyong makikita…" Hehehe.
    My father in law once gave my son 5 pesos in exchange of a favor but my son did not accept it. Haha. It just means that money has no value for him.

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