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First Entry: 10-Minute Free-Write

Ready, Set, Done

Hello fellow Bloggers! 🙂

Okay so this is my first participation on this activity. I honestly don’t know what to write but I feel time-pressured. Hahaha I’m not sure if I’m doing this right but if I get this correctly, I have to write freely for 10 minutes, right? I think I’m good with writing random thoughts so I hope I’m doing good with this. Haha

Let’s see..


So anyway, I’ve bee thinking of seriously taking “blogging” for real. I mean, I’ve been keeping a personal blog for a couple of years now, been transferring from one site to another, but I was thinking of why not pursue this for real? Like really buying my own domain and going through a self-hosted site and blog more about my field. Can I do that? Well, I can. But can I really handle that? I am not so sure, considering that I don’t even have enough time for this. Hmmm.. we’ll see.

But I hate to admit that this has been bugging me lately. I actually just created this new blog a few months ago and kept it private for a while, so I don’t think I am ready to dive into serious blogging. Ugh. Am I making sense? I guess I just have to go now. Well, this was fun, anyway. It feels like a 10-minute writing marathon. LOL

Alright, this is it for now. All set and done.

Bye! 😉

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