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First step: Just Write

Hmmm I kept coming back to this new blog I call home but I could never start writing a new post. I’ve been meaning to update this but I feel like I don’t have the time to do so. Well, I do have much free time actually to go online but I just can’t seem to start it over again. My mind is filled with so much thoughts that I don’t really know where to start and how to even begin. So today, I finally took the first step. I am not sure where this post is heading to but I am just taking the first step to write down whatever I can think of right now. I feel like I don’t have any direction but I know I am going somewhere. Hmmm I am not even sure if I am making sense now.

Anyway, today was a pretty relaxed beautiful Sunday. I am in the office right now and was actually about to go out since I just finished my five-and-a -half-hour Sunday morning shift. I already packed up my things, got my bag ready, and wore my sandals. I was preparing to shutdown my computer but when I was about to close my browser, I noticed that I left this wordpress “new post” window open. It wasn’t blank though. I was supposed to post a quote for the sake of posting something new but I thought it could be better if I really start writing something more personal. I mean something I took time writing and sensible and maybe worth reading again and again in the future. Well, I guess this post doesn’t come out to what I was really hoping. But I think writing this made me relieved somehow. Yes, totally relieved and satisfied. I admit that even when I write nonsense random things coming out of my mind, I honestly feel better doing that. It feels so me. I feel like I am talking to myself and trying to communicate to my inner self. By that, I am happy. At least I know that I can actually still talk to me. I can still connect to myself. I am happy that I know I can control and take charge of myself. I guess being able to talk to one’s self is one of the best privilege one person can have since you can validate that yourself. Having your own self-discussion may sound crazy but I do that many times to reassess my life, my goals, my plans, my direction – my whole being. Now with this, I think I can move forward with a better sense of identity. And with this now, it’s a better sense of my blog’s identity as well. I think I can already imagine this blog getting back on itself. Hopefully. Well, I am really glad to take this first step of writing. But I don’t want to make this post longer anymore because I may be writing more out of topic. But I’d have to say it felt truly nice to finally write something like this. Anyway, I have to go. I can’t wait to see my kids now. I’m actually thinking of making this day more wonderful for us as a family. It’s Sunday after all. Bye for now. I’ll keep in touch soon. 🙂

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