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FOCUS: School

FocusFeel the Moment
Omit the Distractions
Create a Plan
Utiliize your Full Potential
Seize the Opportunity

This is to remind myself that I have to FOCUS on the important things I’m in right now. These days, I feel like I easily get distracted while working some things out. I am quickly tempted to do unnecessary things which do nothing but get me into more difficult circumstances. One thing then leads to another and end up me regretting what I have not done. From now on, every time I tend to go astray on the path I’m wishing to travel straight, I will post something here to bring back my FOCUS on something particular. For now, I have to focus on my studies.


#1 FOCUS: SCHOOLmommy @ school

This is my top priority. Today is the first day of the last week of the semester. It’s the finals examination week and classes will be over soon.That means it’s my last 6 days to improve my class standing. Honestly, I’m so worried about my grades for most of my subjects since I’ missed many of my classes in the last weeks due to some personal problems. I haven’t even taken most of my Pre-Finals examination last time because I was absent during the exam days. Right now, I am fighting my feelings about losing hope on passing my subjects. I feel disappointed about myself knowing I could have done something. BUT I also realize that, yes, actually I could still do something. I believe it’s not too late. Regarding my missed Pre-Final exams, I can still ask permission to take a make-up test or do a special project. And for my final grade, I still have time to study to ace my final exams. I just need to be confident that I can do it and I should really take the right actions to do it. I have to trust myself that YES I CAN DO IT and I WILL DO IT. No matter what, I will pass ALL my subjects and I will successfully graduate this March 2015. That’s a declaration!

I am posting Zooey’s photo above not just to remind me to keep an eye in this academic journey but to also inspire me that I am doing all of this for us. Again, FOCUS, BELIEVE, and DO IT because it’s not to late. 🙂

What do YOU focus on now? How do you keep your focus?

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