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FoodPanda Give One Get One: I Nominate My Favorite Craft Blog

One of the best things I love about blogging is the wonderful community of lovely bloggers. I’ve been reading and following many different blogs for a while now – parenting, food, travel, lifestyle, art, humor, music, news, business, inspiration, and others. I don’t really focus on one particular niche as I love reading a diverse of topics, but my favorites are always those from mommy blogs. Of course! 😉

Not so long ago, I came across a mommy blog focused on crafting, which instantly became my favorite go-to site for DIY projects. Mommy Kat is the blogger behind So Many Things to Do, So Little Time, whom I met from our local online community, Mommy Bloggers Philippines. Her blog is all about ” love and passion for all things crafty, diy inspirations, crochet, poetry, books, and little bit about being a stay-at-home mom”, she sharesI’ve read many of her DIY posts and I really enjoy her creativity and easy tutorials. I love doing crafts as well, but nowadays, it’s pretty impossible to finish a good project without my kids grabbing the scissors, hiding the glue, or tearing the papers.. Haha It’s just so impossible, you know?! Mommy Kat, how do you even do that???!! 🙂 I really admire this mommy’s efficiency! If only I had the luxury of “alone” time to do all those, I definitely would! Hmmm I’ll make sure that one of these days, I get to finish my own DIY Letter Standee for my children, without them messing around. Hahaha Seriously, I need those things asap! 😀

Now, since FoodPanda gave me a chance to get to know Mommy Kat more, through FoodPanda Give One Get One contest, let me take this rare opportunity to ask the following questions:

Hi Mommy Kat,

1. How do you choose your projects? How/where do you mostly get your ideas?

2. What’s the most challenging craft you did? How did it turn out?

3. What’s the easiest project you did? How long did it take to finish?

4. Aside from crochet, do you sew?

5. Who is your biggest inspiration in crafting?

6. Could you please share some tips/advice for any aspiring DIY newbie? (That’s me!! Haha)

Thanks a bunch mommy Kat for all the craft inspiration, looking forward to your answers! Thank you FoodPanda for this fun Give One Get One contest! 🙂


Mommy Rose

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  • Reply Rose Angelie

    You're welcome, you deserve it! 😉

    June 26, 2015 at 8:09 am
  • Reply katjrod

    Thank you so much for the nomination Mommy Rose, I will sure join in on the fun. I appreciate it.

    June 26, 2015 at 8:09 am
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