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It’s A Good October :)

Tomorrow is the first day of October. First day of at least 3 good things.

First off, October is the last month for this first semester so it’s really good to know that school’s almost over. I honestly feel like I am losing the excitement of going to school nowadays. The past few weeks, I’ve been consecutively absent that I actually missed taking all of my pre-final exams. Ugh. It sucks to be sick. But fortunately, today, I was able to finally go to school and talked to two of my professors requesting them for a special exam. And thankfully both considered to give me the exam, which is, by the way, scheduled tomorrow. (That means some cramming for tonight) And tomorrow, I’d have to talk to my other three professors too for the other subjects’ special exams. Anyway, I’m just glad to know that classes will be finally over in 18 days. Yes, the last day of classes will be on October 18th. That means I stil have at least 3 more weeks to hold on and be good and try harder to have a final passing grade on all subjects. In order to do that, I have to do at least three things:


(1) Go to school everyday and be present in every class, even if the teacher might not be around;

(2) Gather all notes and lesson materials discussed, especially those that I missed;

(3) Study and ACE my final exams.

You might ask, “Aren’t you, as a student, supposed to normally do all these the entire school semester?” Definitely YES. But it’s impossible to be consistent, I tell you. Since I almost messed up my records now, I’ll just have to keep up and DO commit to do all these 3 seemingly simple steps starting tomorrow, October 1st, until October 18th (or whenever’s the last school day). Wish me luck!

Second in line this October is my “ABACUS Reservation System” training. I guess it’s a whole day training to learn about the Abacus airline reservation system. I’m excited not just  to learn but to actually have the certificate of completion on that. At least I’d have something to brag on my resume when I start applying at some Airline companies. 😉

And third is my VACATION. Yeaaah, not just a school vacation, but a work vacation as well. I’ll have a grand 6-days-off from school and work on the last week of October. So what am I gonna do? Well, I’m planning to go to Bohol. Yepeee! Well, I’m not gonna set my expectations really high, but I am truly excited since it would be my first ever vacay trip. So hoping this is really is it!

That’s all for now this October. But I’m really looking forward to many more good things. I know everyday is a wonderful day but some planned days are just worth sharing. And posting this is one of my ways to keep me inspired and motivated in this oh so goood life. I hope it’ll be as good as it sounds.

How good is your October planned? 🙂

[Update – Oct 7]

It’s crazy that of all the good things happening in October, I completely forgot to include two things which I’m always excited about. First, my daughter Zooey’s most special day: Celebrating her 4th birthday which was held last Saturday, October 4… OMG! Seriously, how did I ever skipped that when in fact I’ve been pretty overthinking about her “frozen-themed party” a few weeks before??!! Second, the most fun event that we always look forward to: Annual Halloween Trick Or Treat. Geeez I can’t believe I missed those TWO BIG events when I wrote this post. I’m sure I wasn’t drunk writing this. But maybe I haven’t eaten my dinner yet that night thus I wasn’t thinking well. :/ Really too bad I wasn’t able to write down my plans for Zooey’s birthday but hopefully I can write a post about the actual celebration (just please give me some time). Anyway, at least the Halloween has not happened yet since it’ll be held on the last week of October so I still have a little time to plan (and blog about my plans). But at the same time, that means my planned vacation will be affected. Uhoh! We’ll see what will happen then. KTnxBye!

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