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“Kuto” (in English – Head Lice) can be really annoying! Let’s talk about some myths & misconceptions about Kuto, share facts from the experts, and proper treatment with Licealiz instructions.

Licealiz Rolls Out Nationwide Kilusang Kontra Kuto Year 3

As head lice infestation continues to be a concern in public schools in the Philippines, Lamoiyan Corporation’s Licealiz has led the nationwide rollout of Kilusang Kontra Kuto or KKK.

3 Facts about “Kuto” Head Lice

  1. Head lice can live up to 30 days on a person’s head and survive up to 3 days away from it.
  2. Head lice can produce up to 100 nits (lice eggs) in its lifetime.
  3. Head lice don’t have wings nor jumping legs, so they can’t fly nor jump but they crawl instead. Head lice can spread by close, direct, head-to-head contact with an infected person and through sharing of personal items like:
  • combs
  • hairbrushes
  • towels
  • pillows & blankets
  • hats & scarves
  • headphones
  • hair accessories

Problems that head lice can cause if left untreated:

It can cause other serious infections.

The surface of our skin is filled with different kinds of bacteria. According to Dr. Arlene Bertuso from University of the Philippines Manila College of Public Health, while lice itself can’t cause infections, “severe scratching caused by allergic reactions to the insects’ saliva can cause the scalp to break, therefore increasing the chance of a secondary bacterial infection.”
It can decrease self-confidence in a child and the parents.

It affects self-confidence.

Due to the negative connotation of Head Lice Infestation, it can cause a child to lose confidence, especially around his or her peers. However, the child isn’t the only one affected as the parents can also experience loss of confidence.

Parents whose child has been infected with head lice feel embarrassed since they feel like they exhibited poor parenting by letting their child get head lice infestation.

It decreases academic or work productivity.

Itchiness and inflammation are effects from the bites of head lice. The irritation caused by the bites of the head lice can disrupt concentration in school or at work, hence affecting productivity. It can also cause loss of sleep, which can then lead to irritability, short attention span and lack of focus.

In addition to that, “it dramatically affects the school performance of children because of the discomfort and social stigma it causes,” as stated in the study by DepEd and the University of the Philippines.

Misinformation can cause more damage.

Myths and superstitions are already ingrained in Filipino culture and society. Kuto is surrounded by several of these myths and misconceptions that can be harmful to the infested such as the use of mayonnaise or kerosene and wrapping the child’s head with plastic overnight.

Incorrect information can lead to untreated head lice, which can spread quickly to the whole family or to the whole class simply through physical contact with one infected person.

How to Get Rid of Kuto Head Lice Infestation with Licealiz Head Lice Treatment Shampoo

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Licealiz Head Lice Treatment Shampoo is an effective solution to eliminate and prevent head lice. It comes in two variants – Regular and Soothing Coolness – in 10ml and 60ml.

Kuto treatment Licealiz Head lice Treatment shampoo

Licealiz Instructions (Directions for Use)

  1. Wet hair. Apply enough amount to cover the hair and scalp.
  2. Massage gently but thoroughly onto scalp and hair. For best results, leave shampoo on hair for ten minutes.
  3. Rinse thoroughly with water.
  4. Use a fine-toothed comb (suyod) to remove dead lice and eggs.

Licealiz Head Lice Treatment Shampoo can be used twice a week for treatment of head lice, and once per week for prevention of lice recurrence.

To know more about the activities of Kilusang Kontra Kuto led by Lamoiyan Corporation’s Licealiz, visit Licealiz Facebook Page.

Over to you – did you learn any new or interesting information about the irritating problem with Head Lice? Share them in the comments below!

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