Life in Pictures: Revisiting My Alma Mater

It’s been a while since I wanted to do this blog series. In fact, it’s one of the reasons why I named this blog Mommy Wanders. Aside from wanting to take the kids out more often for little adventures, Mommy Wanders is about my desire to wander around alone and capture interesting things while wandering.
I’ve been dying to go out with my camera to practice shooting (it’s one of my goals this year) but never had the chance to. You know, KIDS.

Life in Pictures

Life in Pictures is going to be a new blog series where I would post photos of random things, places, events, people, food, and anything that I find interesting.
Nothing extraordinary, really. I’m NOT talking about traveling to remote Islands, exploring secret caves, checking in at expensive hotels, or dining in at fancy restaurants. NO. Just normally wandering out as a local. I just like to experience, observe, shoot, and share. That’s it.
And oh, please DON’T expect amazing shots here, I’m just a frustrated photographer. A wannabe. If you want real decent photographs, I suggest you visit my photoblogger friends like Emjae or Lou. 🙂
Anyway, I really hope I could keep this a regular series. But if I can’t go out more often, then I guess this series will just be all about my kids and our messy room. Haha
So.. for this first post, I’m sharing about the time I was on Jones Avenue. After I attended an event at the PLDT Lab, I went for a walk going to the downtown area and decided to stop over at Cebu Normal University (CNU) to snap some photos.
(If you’re not from Cebu City and wondering about the area, I’m sorry but I suck at describing places. Just please google it. LOL)
Hello, Alma Mater!
Geeez. I can’t believe it’s been 8 looooong years since my last visit. Proud to say that I spent 4 years of my life here. 🙂
Values Boulevard – Cebu Normal University
I didn’t realize there were CNU initials until I looked down
ILS Building – Ongoing construction of an additional building
I would have wanted to roam around and take more photos, but my camera battery was running low. 🙁
If ever I get to visit again soon, I’d make sure to recharge my camera ahead. 😉

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