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MAC Learning Center in Tisa, Cebu City: An Affordable Preschool that Nurtures a Child’s Psychological Wellness

MAC Learning Center Cebu: An Affordable Preschool that Nurtures a Child’s Psychological Well-being

As parents, we all want the best for our children. It’s cliche but true. We strive hard to raise them well and provide their needs the best way we can. However, in this day and age when everything costs so much, how can we provide the best when the best costs us a leg and an arm?

Don’t get me started with the long list of grocery items, bills to pay, and school fees that increase every year.

Raising kids is just damn expensive! For families with two or more children, the financial struggle is more real!

Do you know if I can still return my kids to their manufacturers and ask for a FULL REFUND of my single life? HAHA

Kidding. I freakin’ love my kids even when they drive me crazy! And I still love them even if they think Kinder Joy is a basic necessity! 😉

Now, let’s talk about education. Building a good foundation should start with our children’s early years – their formative years in Preschool.

MAC Learning Center Cebu: Nurturing a Child’s Psychological Well-being

MAC Learning Center is a preschool that offers regular education programs for Playgroup, Nursery 1, and Nursery 2. With a vision to produce values-driven, knowledgeable and skillful individuals, their mission is to provide quality education promoting happy, secure, and nurturing environment for the holistic formation of young learners.

Established in April 2017, they started with their Arts and Music summer classes and will be holding their first regular classes on June 14 for the school year 2017-2018.

Original Drawing/Sketch from an 11 yrs old from their Art Summer Class

Original Drawing/Sketch done by an 11 yrs old from their Art Summer Class

MAC Learning Center is located in Urban Deca Homes, Tisa, Cebu City. They have 2 fully air-conditioned classrooms which offer a playful environment with a handful of affirmations, equipped with educational toys, audio-video equipment, and materials that are carefully selected to meet the various needs of the children. They are only accepting up to 10 students per class to maintain individual focus and guidance.

MAC Learning Center Playgroup Classroom

MAC Learning Center Playgroup Classroom

MAC Learning Center Nursery Classroom

MAC Learning Center Nursery Classroom

Education toys that are carefully selected to meet the various needs of the children

Educational toys that are carefully selected to meet the various needs of the children

On top of providing quality education, MAC Learning Center highly focuses on nurturing a child’s psychological well-being – to develop children’s cognitive, emotional, and social competencies.

MAC Learning Center Cebu Founder Dr. Michelle A. Cellona, RP, DM, Ph.D

MAC Learning Center is founded by Dr. Michelle Abella-Cellona, RP, DM, Ph.D. – a Solution-Focused Psychotherapist and an Associate Certified Coach of the International Coach Federation. With 20 years of professional experience, Dr. Cellona was a Guidance Counselor, Trainer, HR Practitioner and has chaired the Dept. of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences at Cebu Institute of Technology-University (CIT-U). She has authored seven books including  CARE For Parents: A Parenting Guide for Raising Amazingly Gifted Children and has also conducted seminars and coaching sessions around human relation, personality development, and other related topics.

She has helped numerous people in promoting their psychological wellness, and with her growing clientele, Dr. Cellona opened MindPro Psychological Services in March 2015, followed by MAC Learning Center Cebu in April 2017.

Despite being highly successful, she remains to be very humble, warm, and genuine. (And definitely funny too!) During our meet-up for the site tour of MAC Learning Center, she shared plenty of good stories about her career and family life, which I really find inspiring!

She was fun to talk to and though I kinda feel awkward having conversations with people of her stature,  I was surprisingly comfortable with our casual interview.

The Biggest Challenge of MAC Learning Center

One of the questions I asked Dr. Cellona was, “What could be the biggest challenge of your school?”

She shared that being unable to meet the parents’ expectations may come as a challenge. That parents might set the wrong expectations and not fully understand their teaching approach. She explained that the school’s primary focus is building a solid foundation in a child’s psychological wellness.

The school will facilitate the development of student’s practical skills, and promote social & emotional development. They will remove the pressure of academics (which means lesser Homeworks), but instead will be working greatly on improving the students’ receptive and expressive language skills – teaching kids how to better express themselves, while at the same time accelerate their vocabulary development.

Personally, I believe that their approach to learning & child development is crucial for early learners.  I highly encourage parents to look beyond the academic curriculum of a school and consider the activities/programs designed per class if they offer a lot of social interactions amongst peers and with a bigger audience.

MAC Learning Center: Affordable Preschool in Cebu City that Offers Quality Education

MAC Learning Center focuses on improving the students' receptive and expressive language skills

One would assume that private preschools with good facilities offering quality education like MAC Learning Center would always cost a fortune. I thought so too.  But NO.

This new learning center in Cebu really understands every parent of preschooler’s problem- finding a great preschool within the City that not only offers the best development programs for young learners but more importantly, SHOULD not be expensive.

In short, an affordable preschool in Cebu City that offers quality education.

School Fees for SY 2017-2017:

  • Play Group: Php 18,470.00 total or Php1,547.00 monthly
  • Nursery 1: Php 20,650.00 total or Php 1,765.00 monthly
  • Nursery 2: Php 22,650.00 total or Php 1,965.00 monthly

*Quoted fees include Tuition + Misc Fees only. For inquiries, please contact MAC Learning Center for more details. See contact details below.*

You might ask.. But Why Does MAC Learning Center Offer LOWER Fees?

Why not? I think a person with a real passion for helping people to learn and develop themselves isn’t really after the monetary gains. After all, what really gives a person fulfillment is when you know you helped and served others with the use of your skills, talents, and inner gifts.

That’s what makes MAC Learning Center stand out because it is headed by a truly passionate, compassionate, and competent woman – Dr. Michelle Abella Cellona, RP, DM, Ph.D. MAC Learning Center is a realized dream of Dr. Cellona to create a positive impact in the young lives of our next generation’s leaders.

MAC Learning Center is now accepting enrollees for SY 2017-2018


For more info, contact MAC LEARNING CENTER

Units 112, 113, & 114, Building 3, Urban Deca Homes, Tisa, Cebu City


Contact: 511-0385 & 0923-6029577

Facebook Page: Mac Learning Center Cebu

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