McDonald's Kiddie Crew Media Launch 2018
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McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop 2018: Rates, Schedule, and Activities

What to Expect at McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop 2018

McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop is here again to offer exciting activities for your children this summer! Now on its 26th year, this annual summer program allows kids ages 6-12 years old to experience all the fun things that make up McDonald’s.

Want to know what’s in store for your kids? Read on!

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McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop Activities

Through play-based activities, the McDo kiddie crew summer workshop will allow children to learn good values, build social skills & confidence, and discover new talents, all in the company of new friends!

The following activities will be the highlight of the workshop- all of which will surely give your kids a whole lot of learning and fun!

  • All-time favorite McDonald’s Cheeseburger Making

The kids will experience being part of the McDonald’s team and it’s probably the coolest crew they will be part of! They will learn to make McDonald’s all-time favorite Cheeseburger from the McDonald’s experts themselves!


  • Counter and Drive-thru Window Service

Gaining confidence is a tough act! Your shy little one will find it easier when they are having fun. Together with McDonald’s expert workshop facilitators, they’ll be serving customers behind the counter or even in the drive-thru! Definitely a unique experience for your child!

  • Talent & Crafts Workshop

Aside from the Arts & Crafts activities, every kid will learn to sing and sway to the tune of new songs, with new friends. They’ll even learn the Kiddie Crew song and the Ronald Dance together! Plus, we get to meet Ronald McDonald!

All daily activities are designed to instill the values of teamwork, discipline, hard work, sharing, and responsibility in a fun and interactive way.

McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop 2018 Schedule

For this year, McDonald’s has added two workshop schedules to choose from – Weekday Workshop and Weekend Workshop.

The Weekday Workshop is a 5-day workshop made of 2 hours each, while the Weekend workshop will run for 2 days for 3 hours each day.

This year’s first week of kiddie crew workshop has started last April 2nd, with various schedules you can choose from. The last week of joining will be June 16-17 for Weekend schedule and June 18-22 for the Weekday schedule.

Please refer to the attached schedule:

McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop 2018 Rates and Inclusions

The McDonald’s Kiddie Crew 5-Day Weekday Workshop costs PHP 695.00 while the 2-Day Weekend Workshop is PHP 595.00.

Both workshops will receive the same materials: McDo Kiddie Crew Shirt, Chef’s Hat, Apron, Scrapbook, Bag, ID with Lace, Cap, and Daily Meals (may vary)

Isn’t it awesome? Now go and let your little ones enjoy this truly unique, super fun, and memorable summer experience!

Enroll your kids by visiting your nearest McDonald’s store. To know more about the McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop, visit McDonald’s Official Website. Also, check out Mommy Wanders Facebook page for more BTS photos on this event.

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Did I miss to cover anything? Feel free to ask me in the comments below!

Over to you – Have you let your child join McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop? Share your experience too! If you haven’t, let me know what are you most excited about in this workshop? I’d love to hear all your thoughts!


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