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What I Took Home From Metro Appliance Blast: It’s Not Just an Ordinary Asahi Fan

It’s been close to 6 months now since my kids and I have moved out of my parents’ house and started living on our own. And it had been quite a struggle for us when it comes to living comfortably – I mean our new apartment is still so bare since we moved in. So I’m always looking to buy new home furniture and appliances but have been delaying it because of our tight budget.

For months, we settled with only a couple of appliances – a small desk fan, an electric stove, a single tub washing machine, and the rice cooker I got from my parent’s house (kinda stole it! HAHA). That’s it. We haven’t managed to purchase anything else because I didn’t want to just grab whatever cheap stuff we can afford  – only to regret seeing it broken a few months later. Though I also don’t wish for high-end premium products that may take us years to save up or pay for. Instead, I go for affordable stuff without compromising “quality” – either local or international brands.

Last week, I chanced upon a big home appliance sale in one of the malls in the city, the Metro Store Appliance Blast 2017, and thought it would be the perfect time to take advantage of the huge discounts on our much-needed home appliances in the apartment.

What I like about Metro’s #ApplianceBlast2017 is their wide selection of featured products from different brands. From small kitchen appliances to large screen LED televisions, the store is packed!

I checked out almost everything and was thrilled to find the stand fan I’ve been eyeing for in months. Without hesitation, I bought it right away! Imagine my discomfort every night when I had to finish some online work in the living room without a fan because the kids would use it in the bedroom. I am so glad those nights are over! 😉

It’s more than a fan…

Now let me share a little secret about our new Asahi electric stand fan. Don’t be fooled by its ordinary physical look. Do you know that its advanced technology comes with a blast sound system? It is equipped with a super bass, amplified megaphone that is best for your kids’ mini concert!

See it for yourself!

See how this little guy love his brand new electric fan-microphone-in-one? (You know I am NOT lying, right? HAHA)

Who else loves to sing in front of an electric fan? Raise your hand! LOL 

Kidding aside.

Let’s talk a bit about the technical aspect of our brand new Asahi industrial stand fan.

  • Model: Asahi PF-630
  • Rating: 230v 60 Hz 65 Watts
  • Size: 16″ / 405 mm ; adjustable height: 91-119cm
  • 3-speed settings
  • Black with slim plastic blades (banana type)
  • Oscillating fan with adjustable tilt
  • With thermal fuse inside the motor
  • Price Range (based on different online stores): Php 1,430.00-Php1,700.00

With Metro’s Appliance Sale, I got it for a little over Php1,200.00 in Metro Ayala Cebu. (Sorry, can’t recall the exact price.. I lost my receipt.)

Anyhow, the Metro Appliance Blast 2017 is happening until August 31, 2017 at all Metro branches nationwide. So if you’ve been wishing and planning AND DELAYING to purchase some home appliance, it’s your chance to save up to 50% off on selected items!

I know I still need to go back there and take home the electric iron, induction cooker, fridge, hot & cold water dispenser, spin dryer, and that sexy 43″ Smart TV with home entertainment! Care to sponsor, anyone? 🙂

Over to you, what home appliances have you been planning to take home? Share them in the comments below!


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