My Dearest, I Love You.

Sharing some of the pictures taken today (which totally looks like any other day – this is actually how their usual day is, in bed).





Happy Valentine’s Day MY TWO Dearest. My ate Zooey and baby Zion, Happy Heart’s Day!
I know you wouldn’t understand yet how special today is but I want to write this as my love letter to both of you in celebration to this special lovely day. Honestly, I’ve been meaning to write my love letter to you for so long but never had the chance to do so. Good thing that today, I have a more special reason to write this to you. And thanks to my favorite blog, Mommy Shorts, for her lovely blog post today which reminded me and inspired me more to write this ALREADY. 😉
So, for my very own kiddos, I hope that when the day comes that you would read this, you will realize how much I love you two, My Dearest.
But first off, you have to know that it doesn’t have to be February 14th or any special day for me to say how much I love you both. You should know that every single day is already special for me just to have you two. I love how I spend my time being a mother to you, and that’s 24/7 – 365days-a-year. To be honest, having you was never an easy journey for me BUT I’ve never been this thankful and blessed to have you. Motherhood is never an easy drive AND single motherhood has it’s tougher rides. But I can’t imagine not having you in my life. You, two, complete my life. You are all the reasons why I am trying so hard to become a better me. I didn’t know how strong I am nor realized how patient and brave and tough I could become until I had you. Without you, I will never be this so confident and very sweet and proud – you made me into someone I have always hoped for to become. Thank you My TWO Dearest.
I may be on this journey too early but I’ve never regretted taking this road. Having you, I’m sure I can surpass any road blocks and bumps at any time. As I always say to myself, “Motherhood is a bittersweet journey”. Everyday is a new challenge and a new learning experience. There will be many difficult times AND much more satisfying moments. With you, I’ve learned how to sacrifice and carry on AND known when to give up and move on. I love each and every moment I have with you. Through the good, happy, funny, crazy, proud, sweet, and beautiful moments, to the bad, sad, tiring, hard, embarrasing, bitter, ugly, and struggling days, I am here and will always be here with you and for you two, My Dearest.
To my ate babe Zooey,
I love you for being my very sweet and thoughtful daughter and big sister. I love how beautiful, funny, and smart you’ve become. I  love how you take care of your little brother. I love listening to your stories and hearing your reasons. I  love you very much babe and I will always do. I love you my dearest Zooey, I love you forever.
To my little baby Zion,
I love you for being my very happy and smiling son and little brother. I love how active, cheerful, and sociable you’ve become. I love how you play around with your big sister. I love listening to your babytalk and hearing your giggles. I love you very much baby and I will always do. I love you my dearest Zion, I love you forever.
Mommy will always be here for both of you. I love you two, My Dearest, I love you. :* 🙂 ♥
Loving you always,

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  • Reply Rose Angelie

    Many thankssss! Bisan ako ma`touch gihapon mobasa ani. hehe Seriously, not just because of these two little monsters that I can go on with life, but more importantly because of OUR FAMILY. I owe you all big time. 🙂 ♥

    June 26, 2015 at 7:40 am
  • Reply ekzchan

    Makahilak man sad ta. Hehe. But honestly, it is true that you can give out your everything no matter how difficult and tiring the situation is, just because of your great love to them. Just a single smile from their face can totally take away all the stress and hardships that you are bearing. No worries Rose, we, your family, will always be here to support you, Give our (me, Lucel, and baby Christylle) regards to ate Zoey and baby Zion. :-*

    June 26, 2015 at 7:40 am
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