My First Hair Color Experience with Dermcare Luxe

“Happiness is when your mom says your hair looks nice!”

True! And if you’re like me, you always have this plan of wanting to change your hairstyle but are afraid of trying a new one. We all know how one minor change could result in a dramatic difference. Whether it’s a small change in length, style, or color – it could either make or break our looks.


I don’t know how most girls feel about their hairstyle but for me, I go with the motto, “Better safe than sorry”. Haha I mean, I’d rather stick to the same style for years than experiment once and regret forever. LOL I guess I’m just not that confident yet to make bold changes. So far, the biggest change I did was when I cut my hair short after maintaining a long one since High school. ūüėČ


Anyway, so I’ve been wanting to color my hair¬†but didn’t want to do it myself knowing that I’m not good with DIY stuff, ¬†especially not with hairstyling. Since I haven’t tried coloring my hair yet, I know it’s best to leave it up to the professionals. ūüôā



Two weeks ago, my wish my granted. Through Cebu Blogging Community, I was invited by Dermcare Luxe to a pampering session. Among the services they offered – facial care, body pampering, and hair works – I opted to go with the hair color.


Dermcare Luxe Wellness & Spa



Dermcare Luxe Wellness & Spa is one of our country’s leading skin, hair, and wellness centers. They brand themselves as the new standard in Lifestyle and Wellness.

“At Dermcare, you can indulge with a relaxing and therapeutic facials, or retreat to our luxurious spa for a soothing massage that will stimulate your body‚Äôs own healing process. Our lavish body scrubs and signature skin and body treatments, are sure to delight and make you feel good all over.” –Dermcare

Dermcare has been in the industry for more than 20 years now with over 50 branches nationwide.

My Hair Color Experience


Personally, I really find Dermcare Luxe so welcoming and refreshing. I love the elegant look of their beauty center with its ‚Äúroyalty theme‚ÄĚ. I commend Dermcare‚Äôs very accommodating staff, especially ¬†Belen who attended my hair. ¬†She was so chatty yet polite. Even my daughter¬†Zooey ¬†was comfortable talking to her. But what‚Äôs more important is‚Ķ I FREAKIN‚Äô LOVE MY NEW HAIR COLOR! :)

IMG_0445 IMG_0397


Now, let me share a short video of my hair color experience with Dermcare Luxe… hope you like it! :)

If you wish to experience your own royal treatment to de-stress yourself, check out Dermcare Luxe Wellness & Spa and follow them on Facebook and Twitter! :)

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