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[Photos] October Wrap Up: ABACUS Training & Halloween Highlights

I am finally saying good bye to October. I started the month saying it’s a good month and it was, indeed. It’s actually a roller-coaster month. A month mixed with drama, pressure,  and inspiration. I wrote about my kids’ love for music and shared Zooey’s Frozen birthday party. Also, it’s the month I started building my online presence by first joining bloglovin’ and participating in two Daily Post’s prompts: Free Write and Halloween Costume.

All of these were good but I am gonna wrap it up with two more fun events held on the last two days of October. On the 30th, I attended the certification day (last day of the four days training) for Abacus Ticketing & Reservations; while on the 31st, we had our annual Halloween Trick or Treat.

But before all of that, there’s one more thing I’d love to share…


I just cut my hair short! 🙂

First semester has ended so I’m finally done with all the school pressure. It’s time to unwind and be relieved from all those stressful weeks. With that, my friends, I say, I deserve a makeover!  😉

Alright, let me now share our pictures from the Abacus training and Halloween..

Abacus Reservations (Ticketing) Training

Our room had a really nice view overlooking the city.



I enjoyed learning and had so much fun with these ladies.





Group picture with the entire Batch 2 class

(Can you spot me? hehe)


The afternoon ended with a snack treat @ JCO.. Yum!


Though the entire 4 whole days training was pretty tiring, I still had so much energy for Halloween the next day..

SM Halloween Trick Or Treat 2014

I prefer to be the angelic witch, not the wicked. haha


while Zooey dressed up as Belle


and Zion was a pirate (sort of)


meet the princess, superhero, and a mix of monsters (my kids, nephews & nieces)

photo grabbed from my sister’s blog (Super MOM in Training)


my princess meets other princesses, superheroes, and monsters..



It’s play time!


then we dine


and pose


and pose one more


And that ends the good month. Life is really good, my friends, so let’s all cherish every bit of goodness.

How was YOUR October?

Cheers to more good months,

Mommy Rose

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