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[Photos] Sinulog 2015 Grand Parade

Viva Pit Senyor!


The Sinulog Grand Street Parade last Sunday was a blast and the crowd was unbelievable. I think every year, more and more people – both pinoys (Filipinos) and tourists alike, are now joining the biggest, grandest, and most colorful festival here in Cebu City.

For those who are not familiar with our local Sinulog Festival, it is an annual religious and cultural feast in honor of the Holy Child (Baby Jesus), Snr. Sto. Niño. The whole day celebration is held every third Sunday of January which mainly highlights the grand street parade of Dance Contingents, Higantes, Floats, and Puppeteers, with participants coming from different provinces around the country. [Learn more here: Sinulog]


A quick background about Sto. Niño, from wikipedia:

The Santo Niño de Cebú (Spanish: Holy Child of Cebu) is a Roman Catholic title of Jesus Christ associated with a religiousvested statue of the infant Child Jesus venerated by many Filipino Catholics who believe it to be miraculous. It is the oldest religious Christian image in the Philippines, and was originally given in 1521 as a baptismal gift by Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan via Antonio Pigafetta, who physically handed it to Lady Humamay, the chief consort of Rajah Humabon, along with a statue of the Our Lady of Guidance and a Cross. The image measures approximately twelve inches tall, and is believed to be originally made in Flanders, Belgium. The statue is clothed in valuable textiles, and bears an imperial regalia that includes a gold biretta crown, globus cruciger, and various sceptres mostly donated from devotees in the Philippines and abroad.

For this year, it was held last January 18 which gathered a total of 44 Dancing Contingents, 40 Floats, 33 Higantes, and 17 Puppeteers. Also, this year was my first time to be part of a Social Media  ARM for a local channel’s Sinulog 2015 Coverage. It’s really a pleasure to be part of a wonderful local Blogging Community which invites even newbies like me to volunteer for this special annual event. (Thank YOU!!! 😉 )

Now let’s catch a glimpse of the grand festival..

starting off with the enthusiastic dancers..

sinulog queen 2

queen dancers 1

queen dancers2

queen 2

with oh so stunning Queens..

queen 3

sinulog queen


Drum and Bugle team


Local Celebrities



Elsa and Ana, of course!

ana elsa

Obviously, Zooey was excited to be with Snow white.

zooey snow white

Yep, face painting it is!

zooey face paint



sinulog float

float 1 float 2


higante 2


..and the uber lively crowd that rocked the streets from morning til midnight..


night crowd

Oh, did I mention that Zion was there to witness everything too? Yes, and we didn’t just pack a bag of baons (food), but brought along the entire sleeping mat with pillow. And that’s how you plan a grand Sinulog with kids. 😉

zooey zion

Over to you, how was your Sinulog 2015 celebration? Hope to catch you next year! Viva Pit Senyor! (#PitSenyorGMA) 🙂


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