Quick Home Makeover with these 4 Home Decor Items

If you want to do a pretty home makeover but are struggling with limited time and budget, then this quick home makeover guide is perfect for you!

First of all, when I say home makeover, I’m not talking about remodeling your home or doing a major house reconstruction. This post is about making small, simple changes by adding (or changing) only a few items at home.

I want to be clear though that I am not an expert on anything that involves home décor and style. I must admit, I have a bad eye for mixing and matching. BUT I love pretty things and I can easily spot them when I see one. So trust me when I say that these four items will surely make your home extra pretty.

4 Home Decor That Will Give You a Quick Home Makeover


Black and White Color Block Patterned Insulated Curtains for Windows

A high-end curtain has the power to completely switch up a room’s interior. Curtains generally help you achieve a more elegant look. You can set different themes anytime depending on your chosen design. Gingham curtains and those with bold patterns add more color and a playful mood to the room, while plain ones create a clean minimalist look.

Wall Clock

If you’re looking to enhance your room, wall clocks offer an opportunity to do just that without compromising functionality. If you’ve been using the same old wall clock you bought XXX years ago, I think it’s time to change that. These days, you can buy wall clocks in a variety of style, from classic to modern to art-inspired wall clocks. They not only tell time but are a timeless addition that gives your room a lovely touch.

Wall Art / Picture Frames

Stylish wall arts can almost instantly and completely transform the look of a room. If you have walls in your living space that have always been clean with no decorations, a wall art is a great addition.  Or even the opposite – if you have a partly damaged wall due to a hole, paint scratch or hard-to-remove stains, hanging a wall art or adding picture frames is the perfect solution. Creating a wall art or adding your framed pictures will not only showcase your creativity and give your home a personal feel, it also gives you that finished, classy look.


Mirrors are a great home accessory. They can easily make space look bigger and add more depth to it as they create an illusion of space. Aside from their practical use, they are a great solution to improve house lighting as they reflect natural and man-made light, making rooms appear brighter. Lastly, like having a wall art, they can hide wall imperfections.

That’s it! I hope this quick home makeover guide will help you improve the overall look and feel of your home. Happy Home-making!

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