Save On Travel Fares with Air Miles Credit Card
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How To Save On Travel Fares With An Air Miles Credit Card

Traveling is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling activities you can do for leisure. However, travel can easily burn a hole through your pocket if you don’t know how to make the most out of discounts and rewards points that can save you money. By using the right credit card, you can earn bonuses such as free air miles and rebates among other amazing perks, such as massive discounts on flights.

Airline miles are also known as frequent flyer miles. These are offered by credit cards and/or airlines as part of their loyalty programs. Travelers can accumulate a specific number of miles depending on how often or far you fly combined with your credit card spending. Then you can use these miles to purchase tickets.

Airline miles can be obtained in two ways: either by signing up for a credit card that offers members reward miles, or by signing up for a loyalty program through the airline. Some credit cards offer loyalty programs for all airlines while others work with specific airlines.

Save Travel Air Fare with Air Miles Credit Card

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However, earning airline miles with credit cards is the fastest and easiest way to accumulate miles. This is because credit cards don’t require you to fly in order to earn miles; you can earn miles from your everyday spending. Daily purchases will rack up bonuses and rewards in the form of discounted and even free airline tickets. In addition to that, many credit cards also have generous loyalty programs that already provide you with sign-up bonuses in the form of miles.

Once you’ve earned enough miles through your credit card, then you can redeem them for flights. This method is more flexible since you aren’t restricted to flying with just one airline. Cashing in on your airline miles can be tricky, but it’s ideal if your travel dates are flexible since the seats awarded in loyalty programs may have limited availability. Planning ahead, especially a year in advance, will more efficiently help you obtain available seats. Awarded seats are regularly released depending on the demand for flights, and even if you don’t get the seat you want for now, you can always check later.

Redeeming your award seats is also easier if you travel with less people – even better if you travel solo. Booking five seats on the same flight can be challenging, although you may be able to book two first then the other three will need to pay regular prices.

How to Save Travel Fares by Mommy Wanders Blog

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How To Save On Travel Fares Using Air Miles Credit Card

Here’s how you can save on travel fares through the use of an air miles credit card:

  • Determine what kind of traveler you are. How often do you fly every year? Understanding your travel profile will help you decide on what credit card works best for your specific needs. If you don’t fly so often, look for travel reward credit cards that don’t require you to pay an annual fee. You can use the points as credit for future travel expenses.
  • Decide on which travel rewards credit card suits your travel profile. For example, if you frequently fly with a specific airline such as Cebu Pacific or Philippine Airlines, you’ll likely save more when you apply for a credit card that is co-branded with them. There is also the option of applying for a credit card that offers you more choices by transferring points to various airlines as well as hotel partners.
  • Considerations: Before you decide on a credit card, think about these – restrictions, expiration date, point values, seating availability, cancellation policy, annual fees, perks, and redemption options. These factors will help you narrow down your choices on the best travel reward credit card for you.

How To Save On Travel Fares With An Air Miles Credit Card by Mommy Wanders

To conclude, air miles credit cards are the fastest and easiest way to save on travel fares. But take note that if you are already having difficulty paying your existing credit card balances each month, your priority should be focused on paying off debts first because in the first place, you will need to have good credit in order to be granted an air miles credit card.

These loyalty programs are suitable for people who have excellent credit and who can afford to pay off the balance every month. Nobody likes coming home from a trip only to face a massive credit card bill that you can barely afford to pay.

Once you’ve gotten your credit card, the simplest way to continue earning miles is to keep using it. Instead of shopping in an actual store, check for online options that will allow you to pay using your credit card, resulting in more bonuses and rewards for you. If you have a large purchase coming up, use your credit card – but be sure to pay off the balance once you get your bill.

Over to you – how do you save on travel fares? Share your tips in the comment section below.

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