Shao Long Bald: The Importance of Logos and Branding

Two weekends ago, I joined an exclusive talk on Design and Branding, lead by the very creative, Shao Long Bald.

Troy Sitosta aka Shao Long Bald has been in the Advertising and Design industry for almost a decade. The Manila-based designer has won serveral awards working with numerous top agencies from Lowe & Partners to Ace Saatchi & Saatchi. He has created diverse campaigns for brands like Ginebra, Alaska, and Smart Telecom to name a few. Recently, he has consulted for International start ups like Canva Inc. & Outrace Australia.

Though I was late due to an unexpected overlap schedule of another event, (I went to a Blogger’s Forum on Demonetization) I was still able to catch up and learned a lot on the importance of Logo and Branding.

Importance of Logo and Branding

There are at least two very important main aspects on logos and branding.
  1. It gives the brand a concrete differentiating identity
  2. It sets the brand position, its market, and the tone for how the brand wants to be perceived. It communicates the vision and mission of the brand.

Creating a Brand

Creating a brand involves critical processes. Creatives need to understand all the aspects of a brand: Brand Design, Product Design, Brand Marketing/ Advertising, Market Analysis, Package Design, Brand Strategy/ Positioning, and Competitive Analysis.

Wow. See how it’s more than a name?

Branding Process

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Branding Process also involves Strategy Development, as follows:
  1. Resource Gathering
  2. Finding an insight
  3. Creative Routes/ Big Idea – creative development
  4. Execution of concepts
  5. Testing
  6. Maintenance
To be honest, all of these are pretty new to me. I never knew how much thought are put into branding and creating Logos. There’s a lot to learn and I’m thankful I get a crash course on this. 
Big thanks to Shao Long Bald for sharing his knowledge that night and CreativeRepubliq for the invite to this event.

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