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Share some LOVE this February

I tried to write this yesterday as a lovely welcome to the 1st day of the love month. But I got tied up at work that I only drafted the TITLE and now, I totally forgot what I was supposed to write. hehe

Anyway, so my month is here and I’m sooo looking forward to a month full of love love love this February. ♥ ♥ ♥

Wow! Are you inlove, Rose? 🙂

Oh you got me wrong, I’m not talking about romantic love. I’m sorry but I have no time for that (yet). lol

I am talking about another kind of love – my own love. My love consists of different feelings for different reasons. (Uhmm what?) Yes sure, love is kinda complex as a form of emotion that it’s hard for me to explain and surely hard for you to understand. But basically, love is love – as simple as that yet as complex as it is.

Blah blah blah.. but what kind of love love love are you really trying to say Rose?

I don’t know. But I just want to share some love on this post.

My love for God.

Let me just share to you that since I got a job as an ESL instructor last year, my weekly rest day (a day off from work) has never been on a Sunday.  Because of client (student) requests, I always have to work on a Sunday which usually starts at 10am and could end at 11pm. That means, I barely have time to go to church and attend a Sunday mass. I know you’d tell me that there are morning masses that I could attend if I really wanted to, yeah but the thing is – I’m NOT an early-riser. I hate hurrying up early in the morning fixing my kids and myself just to catch up on the middle part of a Sunday mass. I’ve tried that twice before but it doesn’t suit me. Also, I’m used to attending the last scheduled mass at 7:30pm with my family before, so I prefer the night.

But good thing is, things have changed now. I’m glad to announce that starting TODAY, February 2 – 1st Sunday of the month, my Sunday schedule is from 10am-3pm ONLY. That means I’ll never be stuck at the office anymore every Sunday. Yey!!! I’ve never been so happy in my entire working life with this company. lol

Seriously, since the first day I started working, I’ve been asking our manager to have my Sunday free but she can’t, that’s why I’m so glad that finally I’m off on Sunday evenings. Though I’m not entirely free on Sundays, at least I’m free the whole afternoon until evening to enjoy and bond with the kids and most importantly attend the Sunday mass.

I really hope that this would be a fixed Sunday schedule already and I pray that I could do my Sunday obligation consistently. 🙂

My love for MY KIDS.

My love for them is always here. It grows bigger and deeper every single day. It may seem natural to say that I love them but I would still make it special by saying over and over and over again that I LOVE THEM and I ALWAYS WILL

To my dear lovely kids, I LOVE YOU. I love both of you so much that it’s hard for me not to say it. So again, let me say this, I LOVE YOU. I love you two so much that it’s impossible for me not to whisper this to you. Again, I LOVE YOU. You know I love you both. It doesn’t have to be February or March or April, but I LOVE YOU. I love you little kiddos so much that it’s difficult for me not to kiss and hug you. You know it’s one of my sweetest and favorite ways of telling you that I LOVE YOU. Again both my dearest, I LOVE YOU. I love you both eversince I heard your heartbeat from the nurse’s doppler and from the time I saw your ultrasound images. I love you when you were out screaming to the  world. I love you when you first got sick. I love you from when you first smiled and giggled. I love you yesterday and today. Tomorrow I’m sure that I love you. Again, I LOVE YOU my two sweetests.

My love for my FAMILY.

My family has always been my greatest support and the most patient people I’ve known (patient with my attitude). They were there with me through my toughest times. I love them so much for not giving up on me, especially my dearest parents whom I love so much but never had the courage to tell them. I don’t have to write something long just to prove that I love you. You know I love you all and I thank you for being here with me and for me. I will be here for our family as well. 

My love for MYSELF.

Despite the challenges and trials I’ve been through, I can say that I’ve succeeded on becoming a better me. If only you’ve known me a few years ago, you’d know how carefree I was. Yes, I was just totally going along with whatever life has to offer me. And  by that attitude, I was labeled twice by different people as someone who “goes with the flow”. It could be both a good and a bad thing, you know. I have to say that being carefree and not taking life so seriously is still an attitude that I have right now. Maybe that is really something natural within me, but it’s in moderation nowadays. hehe
I mean, yes there are times that I still go with the flow and take whatever life has thrown at me, but I have matured on dealing with whatever flow it is. I have taken more responsibility of my actions and words. I still slip at times but as they say, that’s just part of growing up.

So now, I could say that I have grown up wisely and beautifully – inside and out. There may be some battles that I have to fight, but I fight with confidence now. I realized that I am best on my own, thus I gained more self-respect and given more self-love. I just love myself more than ever before! ^_^

My love for  FRIENDS.

For the old and the new – I love you and thank you for always being there when I need you. You know who you are.. :*

My love for MY BLOG.

My dear blog, you are the extension of my mind. I love you for letting me write everything that my mouth can’t express. I’m happy about how you’re growing – slowly but better. And to show my much love for you, I’m giving you a pretty little makeover. 


As you know, I’ve made a few blogs before but left them all without notice. I just got lazy and decided to stop writing and updating those. But now, with you, I can feel that this is going to be a real thing someday. To be honest, I have some really high hopes and wishes and dreams for you in the future. I can’t say them here without writing a loooooong post so I’ll just keep it to myself for now. One thing is for sure, you’d be having a lovely makeover that I think is a sign that I’m taking you oh so seriously. Just be patient and wait for your lovely days to come. 😉

My love for WORK.

To my work – which is both lovely and tiring at times. I love the idea of how each and everyday of working makes me someone better than myself yesterday. Everyday is a new learning experience for me. I love how I help my students in their journey to learn English and how I learn from my students as well. It’s great to be in this kind  of work and I have high hopes of working with the company for a pretty good (long!) time.

So that’s all about my love for all of you. I know I’ve used lovely quiet a lot and that’s because this lovely post deserves some lovely words.

Share some LOVE, guys. . Have a LOVELY Month this LOVE Month. 🙂


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