Strengthening Family Bonds with Bingo

When most people think of bingo, they probably picture grandmothers in bingo halls or senior citizens in retirement homes stamping their cards in anticipation of potentially completing a line or pattern. Although that stigma may never cease to exist, bingo has drastically evolved in the last few decades, bridging generational gaps through one shared interest. So forget the stereotypes you had about bingo players because it seems like everyone is playing the game these days.

In the last few years, the old fashioned game recently found its place among hipsters and the millennial generation at large, which is great news for families looking for ways to bring family members of different ages closer together. As the online publication Parent Giving shares, “It’s not always easy to get people of different age groups to see eye to eye, and that’s especially true of children and the elderly. What could a seven-year-old possibly have in common with a 75-year-old?”

The main purpose of the game might be to entertain, but there’s definitely more to bingo than what meets the eye. While traditionally parents would be the ones to forge connections between kids and grandparents, a simple activity like bingo can do more for your family than you could ever imagine. Because stakes aren’t quite as high as they are for other games of chance, bingo creates a healthy dose of competition within the family, which is something that numerous households struggle with due to the negative environment it can potentially foster. But bingo contains just enough of that competitive element to increase interaction between family members and teaches children how to accept failure without losing self-esteem.

Socializing with family may not sound cool to your kids, but disguise it in the form of bingo and they’ll be looking forward to another game night with their parents and even grandparents. One thing that many people have enjoyed about bingo is the social aspect of it, from the physical interactions between players in homes to the chat rooms featured on online bingo halls. Earlier this year, two long lost sisters reported to have found each other thanks to the online bingo portal that they frequently visited, proving that bingo can do more good for your family than any other game that inhabits the World Wide Web.

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