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Top 5 Grocery Food Items That Every Supermarket Should Have

Spend your life with people who make going to the grocery store an adventure.  -Unknown

Here’s a secret, I love “hanging out” at supermarkets! Especially when I am alone – without the kids. Don’t tell them that! Haha 🙂 Sometimes I would go in with 2-3 items on my list but after cruising all the aisles, I would end up checking out an hour later with a small basket (or cart!) in hand. LOL

There are over a dozen of malls around town and it’s a good thing that we have a couple of supermarkets in the area. But it’s a dilemma when I can’t find everything I need in one store. Yes, I can go to the others, but add in the teeny-weeny detail that I commute, then I bet you can imagine the struggle! Sometimes, I can’t even find a basic staple item. Bread shelves or egg shelves not stocked?! I mean, c’mon!

Can you imagine me with a grocery bag and bringing two kids just to check another store for a loaf of bread? Ugh.

Any good supermarket should be pretty much stocked up, right? I find that Gaisano Grand Mall’s Supermarket has fully-stocked shelves and fresh items. They have a wide variety of grocery items from dry goods to fresh produce, with an assortment of brands – including local ones too. I like how spacious their supermarket is and how early they open. While most malls & supermarkets open at 9 or 10 am, Gaisano Grand Mall is already serving at 8:00 am!

Most importantly, their prices are lower compared to the big malls we know. If you’re a budget-conscious parent like me who always tries to stretch every peso,  you would definitely save a lot here!

Now, what are some of the most basic food items a grocery store should always have in stock? Below is my own short list of staples. I may not have all of these in the pantry right now, but I feel a decent supermarket must have them in stock – at all times!

Top 5 Grocery Food Items That Every Supermarket Should Have

  • Eggs

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert – there’s always a need for eggs! ☺ Even when I’m cooking canned goods – corned beef, tuna, beef loaf – they’re so much better with eggs. And what is it with supermarkets that only have the organic kind? Yes, they might be healthier but they are a lot pricier and some of us have a budget to follow. 😉

  • Bread

Unless we are all on a No-Bread Diet, I also feel a supermarket must have bread on the shelves at all times! I kid you not but there were times that I’d shop just to get ingredients for a SANDWICH. I don’t know about you, but I definitely want some bread in my “sandwich”. 🙂

  • Butter, Cheese, and Sandwich Spreads

A variety of choices would be great, not just the international brands, please! LOL

  • Fruits and Fresh Greens

My kids and I love fruits soooo much. And I thank God that they’re not picky about this. But with vegetables? Uhm, table negotiations last for an hour on that.

  • Fresh Meat and a variety of Frozen goods

It’s inevitable that there are leftover pork and poultry from the previous day, but I’ve been to supermarkets that have meats on display looking like they’ve been through a freeze-thaw-freeze cycle for God’s know how long! Reasonably fresh would be nice.

Wait.. ICE CREAM counts as under frozen goods, right? HAHA

My favorite section – ICE CREAM!!!

What’s In Store for you at Gaisano Grand Mall?

Let me share this short video I created featuring Gaisano Grand Mall’s Supermarket, Appliance & Furniture, and Children’s Section.

How about you? What are some of the grocery items on your list? Share them in the comments below!

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*This is a sponsored post, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. (Including the love for ice cream & grocery shopping alone! HAHA ;))

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