Top 5 Must-Have Appliances – Home Essentials When Moving In

“Which appliances do I need to purchase first?” – the question people have in mind when moving in and starting out or those planning to upgrade their old home essentials.  It can get a little confusing and overwhelming to decide, especially when you’re on a limited budget!

A couple of weeks ago, I asked my Facebook friends to share the top 5 must-have appliances they think every household should have. This wasn’t a formal survey or anything, but I picked out the most common answers. (You bet I did some tallying! 😉 )

Before we get to that, let me quickly share why I even asked for their opinion.

A little back story

A few months ago when we first moved into our new apartment, I was torn between getting a new refrigerator and a washing machine. I know it’s important to have fresh food readily kept, but I also didn’t want to handwash the gazillion clothes piling up every day. Hmmm.. should I go for the fridge or side with the dirty laundry?

The laundry won.

Recently, I faced the same indecision – to purchase an extra electric fan or get an iron? I figured I can wear an un-ironed shirt with no problem BUT I can’t stand the heat. So I took home a new stand fan.

While some appliances are considered a necessity, many are just nice to have. The rest depends on your lifestyle needs – family size, routine, living arrangement, and interests.

To answer the question above, let’s dive into the list.

Top 5 Appliances Every Household Should Have

….according to my awesome friends! (Thanks, guys! *wink*)

FYI- This list is not focused on how to choose the right brand/product for these appliances. For a smart guide, read my Tips For Buying Home Appliances Before Making a Major Purchase.

1. Rice Cooker

Rice being a staple food in the Philippines, it’s no surprise to find rice cookers in almost every Filipino home. It’s not only cheap but more importantly, it does the job best with the convenience of just switching it on and leaving it – without worrying about overcooked rice. Plus, you can use rice cookers to steam other food.

 2. Cooking Stove

A stove is equally important for cooking and heating food. The only question is which type to have – gas, induction, or electric stove? Be informed to know what works best for your home. Here’s a helpful read about Induction Vs Gas Stove – if you’re planning to make a switch.

3. Electric Fan or Air Conditioner

Electric Fan Top Home appliances mommy wanders

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Living in a tropical country without electric fans or air conditioner is totally unbearable. That’s why they are an absolute must-have next to the cooking appliances. For the right comfort, affordability, and energy-efficiency, electric fans are enough. On the other hand,  air conditioning units are more pricey and may strike your electric bill high yet provide better comfort, especially during summer season.

4. Washing Machine

Washing machines are simply the best! Need I say more? They do the dirty work so we don’t have to – saving us time and energy to do other things like cleaning or looking after the kids (or blogging!). Just set the timer and voila!

Quick question – would you consider a fully automatic? A single tub? A washer-dryer combo?

5. Refrigerator

We don’t have one yet, but it’s definitely on our list. Lately, I was on the lookout for a second-hand option. When I told my mother that I found a cheap old fridge online, she warned me against it. She said that it will not only consume more energy but will also cost more for maintenance repairs. I’m glad I asked for her opinion. Thanks, Ma! 🙂

I think that smart advice applies to any appliance, in general. I’m not concluding that second-hand items are always a bad option but I suggest that you should set careful consideration, inspection, and the right expectation.

If you’re really looking to purchase brand new items, (non-credit card) installment is a good option requiring a minimal deposit. Or watch out for store/brand promos. Storewide Sale is still the best option, I think – like the ongoing Metro Appliance Blast 2017 which ends on August 31st.

For you – what’s your Top 5 Must-Have Home Appliances? Share in the comments below! 🙂


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*This is a sponsored post but all thoughts & opinion (including the stinky laundry) are my own. 🙂

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