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Welcome 2014!

I know I am already 5 days late to say goodbye to 2013, but I still wanna let my family shout our warm greetings out loud. So to all of you. . .

“Happy New Year everyone!!!”

Goodbye 2013, Welcome 2014 @ A Confident Freelance Mom
Goodbye 2013, Welcome 2014 – Happy New Year! 🙂

(horn-blowing while fireworks are showering) *toooooooot* *poooogssshh* toooogssshhh*

Wow! That was a blast!

Again, happy new year guys! How was your New Year Celebration? Did you see enough of the fireworks display? I can’t get enough of it. The New Year Countdown has always been a wonderful and exciting celebration that I always look forward to. I always get excited to hear the loud cheerings and noisy horn-blowing while watching the  rainbow-colored fireworks which make the sky so beautifully vibrant. Plus, enjoying a full holiday meal that nobody can surely resist. Aaaaahhhh holidays, I want more of you ♥.. if only I can extend my holiday vacation..

But sad to say, it’s over. Now we’re back to reality! Back to work, back to busy schedules, back to normal life. But, not so “normal” this time. This new year 2014, I commit to change many many many maaaannyy of my not-so-good habits and vow to work on improving my (me & my kids) quality of life. For sure it would be a long list of resolution so I’ll just save it on my next post. For now, I’ll make this first 2014 blog post pretty short (up to this line is still short, right?)

Alright, I swear I’ll make this just short. So let me end by greeting all of you again a happy new year!
I wish everyone a more fruitful, blessed, meaningful, and beautiful day all year round. May we all have a properous new year! 

Cheers to 2014! 🙂

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