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Why Do I Blog? Two Reasons.

For #FreeWriteFridayBlogs, READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. Today’s post is kinda cheesy and redundant (as I’ve written them before). 😛

“Why do you blog?”

Every blogger is very familiar with this question. I hear and read this a lot. I’m sure you too. This has been asked too many times. Simple question, right? But never easy to answer, I tell you.
But really,

Why DO I Blog? I could only think of two reasons.

1. I blog for my kids, for myself, to document our family.

It’s wonderful how I’ve seen my family grow through my blog, I’ve written stories that tell more than what is captured by the photos. I want to write more about our journey, my thoughts, my feelings.. record them, preserve them, so that one day, I could revisit them, re-read, and re-live those moments, whether good or bad. I love to read and feel the moments again. I feel more inspired and motivated by my past actions.

Whenever I do something good, I feel like I want to do more of it. And when I go through something not-so-good, I feel happy for getting past that. It makes me proud and it makes me want to do more, try harder, be more.

Also, writing about our story makes me look forward more to our future, makes me want to plan and do great things more, and it makes me value more our present too.

Being able to blog makes me appreciate a lot of things. I get to observe, be aware, and be mindful of the things around me, of people’s feelings and reactions, even the smallest of things. I get to understand people more, and it makes me want to see the good side of things, the best part of people.

Through blogging, I get to see how amazing our life is and the world around us. I’ve become more grateful with what I have, for my kids, my family, friends, and everything else. Blogging, in big ways, has opened my eyes to the real deal.

I am able to focus and zoom in on the important things and forget about the irrelevant stuff. And sometimes, it makes me catch the sweetest little things that I would have never noticed if it wasn’t for blogging.

2. I blog for others, for the world.

I know I’ve been saying (I mean, writing) this over and over again but really, all I wish is to help, inform, educate, and inspire others with our stories, my experiences, and what good things I know. Especially for my fellow parents.

Those who are going through or are in the same page with me.. the single parents, the solo young moms/dads with young kids. I wish that my writings would help them, would give them courage and motivation to move forward and continue.. that “life must go on” despite all the problems, trials, hardships, failures, and challenges.

And that life is worth celebrating too. It’s important that we keep our strong faith and trust that we can move on. All bad things shall pass. I want those who feel weak to find strength in my simple writings.

I wish that people will learn a thing or two from my blog. That you will take something and work on it in your own lives. I guess, I could go on and on and write this never-ending post about my wishes for people who read this blog. But no, I’ll stop before I get lost in my thoughts. (Oh, the places and ideas this freewriting could take me..UGH.)

Okay, I’ll just go back to the question.

Why Do I BLOG? Two reasons.

I blog for my family and for the world,  for all of us to live better lives. Hopefully.
Changing one person, one blog post at a time.
That is why I BLOG.
Did I answer the question just enough? Share your thoughts in the comments below and also tell me why do YOU blog. 🙂

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  • Reply Balot

    Same here, I personally turn to blogging to journal our life, little did I know that reading other mom's blog made me realize that like me they live a normal life but of different story to tell. While others are funny some are inspiring yet all are beautifully crafted life. Continue blogging and God Bless.

    August 22, 2015 at 5:33 am
  • Reply Rose Angelie

    Agree! Blogging these days is more than personal documenting and writing privately. It's now mostly about engaging with the community. Glad to have met you through blogging, mommy! 🙂

    August 27, 2015 at 7:40 pm
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