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“Plan Your Work, Work Your Plan”

“Plan your work, work your plan.”

This is one of my favorite lines of Mary Kay Ash. It’s said so simply yet it’s truly inspiring. Everyone in this world has at least one common goal: To Be SUCCESSFUL. It may be success in career, business, relationship, or all of them. But in order to reach success, one must plan and work for it.Whatever you’re working on, you have to plan for it. And whatever you’re planning for, you have to work on it. It’s all about thoughts and actions combined. One doesn’t simply work without the other. So the next time you’re thinking of aiming for success at something, always remember that you have to think and do it.

In short, Plan + Work = Success. I know it doesn’t work as easily as it sound but these two are your main ingredients to be successful. And that’s along with the other things that you need to have, like positive attitude, determination, skills, network, and so on. But once you set your mind to focus on planning and working, for sure the rest will come out and flow naturally. Good luck!

Cheers to your success! 🙂

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