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Zion Turns One: Birthday Tarpaulin

Happy 1st Birthday my dearest Zion!!! 🙂

Yesterday’s celebration was so fun! Everything seemed perfect (I mean ready)- the cake, the food, the party, the clown, the kids, the ice cream, the decorations, the people, the camera (Yes, I got a new baby! I’ll talk about that in another post), and everything else. Except one thing. Zion’s personalized birthday tarp.

So here’s a short sad story: I made the tarp on Saturday but on Sunday (birthday), every printing store nearby was closed. Dammit.

Lesson learned the hard way. But I don’t think all of my efforts will be put to waste since I will still have this printed, but on a smaller size though, as our bedroom’s wall design. 😉

Happy Birthday Zion! Birthday pictures will be posted soon. ^_^

Love lots,

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