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Zion Turns One: First Year Video

Yehey this is it pansit!

Thank God I finally finished it. My most favorite video of all time. The one I consider my best project so far. A project worth a year of daily videos and trying to capture every firsts of Zion – first cry, first cuddle, first snuggle with Zooey, first play, first laugh, first smile, first crawl, first fall, first climb, first swim, first Christmas, first walk, and every first this baby has ever done. I think. Oh, even his first encounter with a clown! Haha 🙂
Not many know this yet, but I love creating and editing videos. I love making short video clips since.. uhmm.. maybe.. I guess since Friendster days?! hahaha I don’t consider myself creative, but I enjoy doing it even if this slow computer keeps freezing. Ugh!
Yeah, sadly, I don’t have the right tools to create the ones worth any best award. LOL I mean I don’t have a good video camera, a powerful computer, and most of all, I don’t have any advanced movie editing software. 
BUT I am happy and very contented to have an old mobile phone for video recording, a working PC, and Window’s movie maker. (Oldschool!!!) I don’t mind them as long as I have the most awesome characters for my videos – MY KIDS! Of course! 🙂
With all of these, I somehow made videos I’m proud to share not just to my kids, but to everyone else wanting to kill boredom. And this is one of them. Hahaha So if you have 8 minutes to spare, this is for you guys! 😉
Let’s hear the drumroll now.. boom booom boom booooooommm!!! 
Without further ado, here’s my Zion Angelo’s bittersweet First-Year journey!
Wait, one last thing. Please do me a favor, watch it till the end. I personally love the last parts. (Some sweet sibling moments with ate Zooey!)
Okay now. If you like listening to Taylor Swift and a local rock band, The Ambassadors, while watching a tiny man grow up, then for sure you’ll enjoy this 8-minute video. (there are many more videos I didn’t include to shorten the time, but I hope the most memorable ones are covered) Enjoy! 🙂

*Making this video is inspired by Ward Mile’s First Year Video and Harlow’s First Year: The Movie
Here’s to all parents out there: 
Cherish every single day with your kids. It’s only when they grow up you’d realize how valuable those moments are. ^_^ 
Cheers to more wonderful videos! Cheers to a bittersweet journey!

PS: I hope no one would suddenly want to get pregnant after watching this baby. LOL
Update: I already have a pretty decent camera for video recording. Do I need to invest in movie editing softwares now? Let me know what you think in the comments below. 😉

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