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Zooey Turns Four: DIY Frozen Birthday Party

Birthday cake 
Zooey: “Mommy, nalingaw jud ko!” (“Mommy, I really enjoyed it!”)

These were Zooey’s words after the party. I can vividly remember how she said it with so much glee and a genuine big smile on her face.

We were getting ready to sleep that night, I was fixing the bed while she was changing her pajama, when she suddenly approached me and cheerfully said how she had so much fun that day. She told me how she confidently danced in front of her daddy and everybody.

I was like, “Yes, good job Zooey!” I told her how proud I was when I watched her dance the whole time.

To be honest, seeing Zooey showing off her wiggle wiggle dance moves to everyone is now my  favorite dancing moments of her, (my favorite used to be her SM On Stage Performance).

I mean, yeah I’ve seen her dance a million times, but that night, she really danced with confidence. Like, she knew she was the star of the night and everyone was looking at her so she danced her best, trying to remember all the steps she practiced a couple of days before.

I’m like, wow! She has finally outgrown her shyness. At least on her birthday.

Birthday Girl Zooey

I think this has been the best birthday party ever for her. It was actually just an intimate family party but the fact that I made her “Frozen-themed Birthday Party Wish” come true made the event truly special for her.

Also, the fun part was that all the kids were actually her own guests. I mean, she obviously enjoyed socializing with everyone since she knew them personally and they were not just mommy’s-friends’-cousin’s-sister’s-I-don’t-know-who-kids nor what’s-your-name-kids from the neighborhood. HAHA RELATE?

Seriously, there were only 7 single adults whom I personally invited to the party, 6 were her godparents and 1 was a close friend whom she requested to see. The rest were all kids who were her close friends, of course, together with their parents as well.

You can check few of the photos in the gallery below.

It was simple yet really fun for everybody. Though I was pretty busy with work and school at that time, so glad that my supermom powers made everything possible in a day’s preparation and pulled off something as special as this for my most special girl.

This is a late post, by the way, but again, Happy Birthday my dearest ate Zooey!

Love lots,


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