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Zooey & Zion: TOP Finalists of Freshpet Team Cuddle Contest

Kids, remember my last post when I told you that you, two, are named The Cutest Sibling Snuggle Ever? Well, I’m sorry but truth be told, you are not the only one cutest siblings together. Your picture was actually handpicked as one of the 25 favorites among thousands of instagram photos. Well, I know it isn’t a big deal because for mommy, you are just my cutest siblings ever.

BUT now, I’m making it a big deal. Really. Because today, something magical happened.

When I went to check my blog feed as I regularly do, the very first post I saw said: Freshpet Team Cuddle: It’s the Finals!

I thought, wow! I immediately got excited because I was expecting to see a lot of cute siblings, pets, and family cuddles. I was thrilled to check who were the real cutest ever to compete in the finals. I knew it was a tough and beautiful competition. I knew it will be filled with the most adorable and sweetest cuddles. I knew it was going to be lovely and heartwarming. I knew it was going to be another interesting post. I knew it was going to be awesome. I knew it everything. Except one thing.

I never knew that you made it to the finals – YOU are among the TOP 20 FINALISTS!

I was like, OMG! For REAL???!!!! 

My eyes widened like this O_O

True story.



And you know why I’m making this a big deal? It’s a real competition kids! They are giving away $1,000 for the grand prize winner and $250 prize for each category winner. 

Yeah I know it’s a pretty huge prize for sharing your cuteness but hey, it’s not all abut the money kids. I asked many of my friends to check out the blog and vote for you but I’m not really after winning. Honestly, asking people to vote for you was my only way to brag about you without having to annoy my friends.

Since I become a mother, I’ve never been so proud of myself. You are my only pride and as much as I want to share to everyone how happy and proud I am to have you, I  can’t because that would be too annoying for some.

No, you are not annoying. But posting your updates every single hour is, so I’m totally avoiding that.

So when I finally absorbed in that it was all real – that you really made it to the finals, I knew I wanted to tell everyone about the good news because I wanted to share how proud I felt. I felt like my hands were so excited to send everyone a message. But I thought, wait, am I going to send everyone a message saying “Hey! My kids are the top finalists for being so cute, check this out!” ???

Oh no, that would be weird.

Then I remembered what this was all about – a contest. That’s right. This is a contest so it requires people to vote.

Well, great. I now have a good excuse to annoy others to check out my kids. So there, just before writing this post, I was so confident and sent people a message asking them to vote for my kids just so they can check out their pic and see how cute they really are. And though I knew a few would just ignore my message, still, I’m so glad to have the courage to ask people to check out my kids. It was quite a big accomplishment to receive a lot of awesome feedback.

Uhmm to my facebook friends, excuse me if you were busy earlier but thank you very much for taking the time to check out my kids and vote for them. (I hope you really did)

To everyone else, please check out Mommy Shorts – Freshpet Team Cuddle: It’s the Finals! to see all the adorable sweet cuddles that will surely make your day.

And if I could insert my request, please vote for my two dearest Zooey & Zion (photo above) for the Sibling Snuggle Category and also for the grand winner. 🙂

PS: You can vote once everyday until Sunday, March 9, 2014

Thank you and spread the love! ♥ ^_^

Proud Mommy,

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